We will take every possible step to pre-quote ALL jobs, so you are not left with a nasty surprise at the end of the session. You will never be
charged over this quote unless pre discussed once design/stencil has been made, and we will not continue without your agreement.
You will sometimes be slightly over quoted (by accident) to cover possible difficult areas etc, so often are left going home with change.

  • We have a shop minimum of $100.00; our hourly rate is $150.00p/hr.
  • We have half day sessions of 4hrs for a set price of $500.00 (this does not include setup time but purely stencil/tattooing time, so can sometimes run into 5hrs total time)
  • Also, you have the opportunity to book for a FULL day’s session from 10am until 6pm (8hrs total) at the set price of $800.00

A deposit of $50 is usually required for all half day and full day tattoo appointments (this deposit is at your tattooist discrepancy and they may
choose that one is not required). This is to ensure your attendance on the day of your booking. This deposit will also be taken off the total of
the tattoo on the day, and can also be made up to any amount you chose. This can be made either; in person, using EFTPOS (in person or over
the phone) or, through bank transfer when making the booking. All deposits are forfeited if you cancel your appointment within 48hrs.

Acc Name:    InkInSkin TattooStudio 
BSB:               015 211 
ACC#:            302 148 107
REF#:             *please use your full name as reference details*

A design fee of $50 is payable as per the above method prior to any physical pre-design work being undertaken before your appointment.
This is a fee, not a deposit and is non-refundable once design work has begun. Designs can take literally hours, to research and draw, and in
most instances, the designing of a tattoo can take longer than the actual process of translating it onto skin. The design fee is also accepted as a
deposit when it comes time to make your booking and will come off the total of the tattoo fee on the day (If discussed with your tattooist).
With technology advances now days, most final designs and prep work is done on the day and any last minute drawing, sketching or designing
can be done before your appointment. Most people are well organised and know within reason, exactly what they want. It’s just a matter of
putting it all together, and deciding on location and sizing etc. Note: as a professional, our hours are valuable. Please think wisely prior to
making an appointment or soliciting to have a design undertaken from us.