Aftercare Instructions; we like to recommend that each person listen to individual instructions given to them by their artist, this can vary based on size and location etc.

Any questions please fell free to message us or personally call in.


1. REMOVE: IF your tattoo is covered after the tattoo process, Remove dressing after approximately one hour from leaving the
studio; DO NOT leave any coverings or bandages on for longer than around 2hrs. It can cause the tattoo to start sweating and doesn’t allow for adequate breathing, which all wounds need. (General medical procedures sometimes explain; heat and moisture can create a growth oasis for bacteria) DO NOT RE-APPLY THIS OR ANY SOLID DRESSING. This is usually only to get you
from the studio to a safe place to give it a first bathe and wash.

2. WASH: Taking care not to scald your tattooed skin, we advise that you wash the area in warm to hot water, preferably in the shower or somewhere that allows you easy access to the area. Warm to hot water allows the pores of your skin to open, allowing you to remove any unwanted weeping of blood or plasma or excess ink trapped on; or in the skin. This may sting slightly, however it is necessary in order to allow the pores in the affected area to open and release any excess of the above mentioned. Gently lather and clean the area using a DETTOL or PALMOLIVE styled anti-bacterial liquid hand wash. You may have to repeat
this step a few times over the next hours; to remove any sliminess or excess weeping or bleeding. You will not need to cream your tattoo within the first 2 to 4 hrs depending on size and location; this will be explained to you based on this info.

3. DRY: Pat dry the area with a clean cloth or paper towel and allow to air dry before applying a tattoo aftercare cream. This applies to every time you wash your tattoo for the next few days; it allows the aftercare cream to soak into the skin, as it will simply sit on the surface if your skin is still moist. There is a large range of these available on the market and many theories as to which ones work best. We usually recommend either; PROTAT, DR.PICKLES, BEPANTHEM ANTIBACTERIAL or LUCAS PAWPAW
OINTMENT which all have similar properties and are all acceptable as an aftercare cream if used correctly. Most of these are usually available at all major supermarkets or your local chemist, unless it is a professional specific tattoo ointment. There are other similar products on the market, some work well for some people and not so much for others, if you have successfully used another ointment in the past, please mention this to your artist for advice.

4. APPLY: Whichever product your have used or bought, should be applied liberally but consistently throughout the healing process so that the skin is not allowed to dry out. A rough recommendation is 3 to 4 times daily. This is to prevent scab formation, which is a major form of colour loss, and to help protect the skin against infection. Ultimately your skin should always appear slightly glossy and feel somewhat oily throughout the entire healing process. This can be anywhere from 6-14 days, depending on your skin type, size of tattoo, and your body’s own healing properties etc. It is equally important to apply your aftercare cream with freshly washed hands or, preferably with a medical examination glove, which are cheaply and readily available from most chemists and supermarkets.

5. COVER: Try to keep your tattoo covered with clean cotton clothing but allow exposure to a regulated environment as much as possible. Your tattoo will generally heal like any cut or graze, and needs fresh air at times to heal. Again, please DO NOT cover your tattoo with a water proof or non-breathable item unless discussed with your artist.


1. Avoid exposing a fresh tattoo to direct heat or sunlight. This can adversely affect your tattoo and lead to infection and/or significant
colour loss. During summer or hot periods, you can apply a 50+ sun screen over the top of your chosen cream, after it has had a good 15-20minutes to soak into the skin.

2. Do not allow a fresh tattoo to come into direct contact with:
▪ Dirty or greasy surfaces
▪ Hair follicles; both human and animal
▪ Blood or mucus from any external source
▪ Abrasive, chafing material, or any material that sheds excess particles
▪ Tanning and likewise is also not recommended for approx 10days afterwards

3. Swimming or soaking in baths or spas should be avoided until the tattoo is completely healed. This can prematurely soften the scab and expose the new tattoo to bacteria and can lead to infection. This is closely followed sweat, which can have a very similar effect, so during workouts or sweaty times, please continuously pat dry the area to not allow the sweat to soak.

4. Do not allow friends to touch a new tattoo unless they have cleaned their hands prior.

5. Do not pick any scabbing; allow scab formation to come off naturally with the washing procedure.

6. The tattooed area may become itchy while healing; avoid scratching at it as this could hinder the healing process.

Any QUESTIONS?? please, don’t hesitate to ask your artist!!