We strongly advise against the use of products like Emla anaesthetic cream. The cream has a tendency to over-saturate the area it is applied to and does not always allow full saturation of the inks used, which can lead to a ‘faded’ effect of your tattoo after the healing stage. This does not happen to everybody but you must be aware of this before application. Emla 5% cream is available from most chemists and is a pre-deadener. It is necessary that the area to be tattooed is properly prepared at least an hour prior to your appointment by your tattooist. Do not do this yourself as incorrect application can inhibit the effect of the anaesthetic. A small tube costs approximately $15-$30 and will cover an area approximately 8-10cm in size. The effects CAN last for up to one hour.

Alternatively, their is a few spray products, that can be used during the process, these contain a product called “lidocaine” which is safe to use during the process; but only works on opened areas. These do not usually have an effect on the overall tattoo. These are fantastic for final touches and adding white highlights. The most common is called “paxyl” which is actually a sunburn relief spray, but contains the main active ingredient. This can be purchased from most chemists for around $20. We also have some professional products that can be purchased by us prior to your session if organised with your tattooist.

If you are unsure…. please consult your tattooist FIRST!!