• Please ensure that you get good nights sleep the night before your appointment, and ensure that you have a good breakfast/lunch and plenty of water to drink. This helps your body’s natural healing &  blood sugar levels, which will assist in any light headedness or ill feelings during the tattoo. Please let your tattooist know if you do have any of these feelings during the process. It can sometimes be helpful to bring along a can of drink or small bag of lollies or chocolate, to help bring your sugar levels back up if necessary.
  • Please DO NOT consume any alcohol prior to the appointment, as this can help in thinning your blood (excessive bleeding during the tattoo process can intern; push the ink/pigments out of your skin & effect the healing process) and your appointment may be cut short at your expense, this also applies to items such as panadol or other medications, so please discuss these with your artist if you are unsure.
  • Make sure you come to the studio around 10 to 15 minutes prior to your booking, and if you are running late please make a quick phone call or message; to let your tattooist know.
  • Your tattooist will talk you through the pre-tattoo stages and talk about the final positioning and sizing etc. This is your time to ask any final questions you may have and to check ALL SPELLING and details of the tattoo.
  • Your tattooist will go through a quick procedure of shaving and cleaning/prepping the area that the tattoo will be applied to. This guarantees the area is free from any possible dirtiness, bacteria or defects and allows the area to be sterilized properly. Please don’t touch it or allow your friends to touch it after the stencil has been applied.
  • Remember “this is not ‘just a tattoo; it is a medical procedure”;
    where your skin is going to be penetrated by a group or grouping of needles and; pigment will be inserted under the skin, therefore your
    behavior and co-operation is a MUST.
  • Respect the studios equipment, and sterilization procedures. Please don’t touch anything wrapped or that you have not asked permission to do so. This helps ensure correct “health guidelines, for your own safety”
  • Respect the artists concentration levels during the procedure. This includes any visitors or family you may have call in during the process. Any unwanted or over the top distractions affects YOUR final result and outcome…. remember this.  So please limit guests to one per person (unless discussed with your artist prior to the appointment)
  • if you have ANY QUESTIONS? please ask them now!! not after the tattoo has begun or after we are half way through the appointment, your questions now, could lead to answers or changes made, which could be crucial to your final outcome….